Assistive Technology


Assistive technology, often  referred to as “AT,” is any tool, piece of equipment or service designed to help people of any age to develop, maintain or improve the ability to function in everyday life.

Assistive technology includes a broad range of devices. It can range from simple items such as pencil grips and visual aids to more complex items such as durable medical equipment and home modifications.

Examples of assistive technology items include:

  • Mobility aids such as walkers, canes, scooters, and wheelchairs,
  • Visual aids such as screen-reading software, magnifiers, and scanners,
  • Listening aids such as, close caption TVs, and hearing aids,
  • Household management aids such as environmental control switches and remote controls,
  • Personal care items such as commodes or shower chairs
  • Communication aids
  • Information technology items such as accessible keyboards and readers.

The staff at the Center for Independent Living of South Florida can provide a wide variety of services that start with information and referral but can expand to development of an Independent Living Plan to access the items needed.  The Plan can include working with your physician for insurance referral, Medicaid or through donations received at CILSF.

CILSF’s Assistive Technology Program can provide you with free assistive technology to help you live more independently. CILSF’s Assistive Technology Inventory is listed below. Reach out to CILSF if anything in our inventory can help you!

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