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The Mission of the AoA is to channel the knowledge, ideas and professional expertise of our associates into the community initiatives that improve accessibility, inclusion, independence, and resources for individuals with disabilities and as well as other vulnerable persons, and create new opportunities for those whose enormous potential and abilities are often overlooked.

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About Us

The AOA has become the largest association of its kind in South Florida with up to 60 diverse agencies (representing education, health, social service, community service and governmental agencies, etc.) coming together to purposefully network, share, and come up with innovative ideas that serve the interests of individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable populations.

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Who? When? Where?

Who: The AOA is for any organization that directly or indirectly serves persons with disabilities or other vulnerable populations.

When: AoA meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 10 am to noon.

Where: The meeting location rotates to different locations. Please email to find out where the next meeting will be held.

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Participating Agencies

Click here to view all of the agencies participating in the AoA.


Find out about all of the events and activities our agencies offer to serve the community.


AoA agencies are constantly adding new services and developing new programs. Check back here often to find out about the new initiatives.